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Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s April 11. I really should just not write this, wait until May and call it a day. But I was determined to update my reading list every month and gosh darn it, I’m gonna squeeze a book in this month.

I DID start Bonhoeffer, but have most definitely not finished it. You know what’s funny about vacation with 4 small children? They still need you to do everything for them. So even though I planned to get a lot of reading done on our spring break vacation I found myself preoccupied with other things a lot, and then when I did sit down to read I was distracted. We could be outside! We could be on a hike! I should do a puzzle with the kids!

Also I’m terrible at reading while the kids are running around. Josh astounds me. Almost every day we were in North Carolina Josh would light a fire, sit down, prop his feet up, and read. And read and read and read. And I’d sit next to him trying to read. But those kids are so loud! And Josh would say, “Hon. Ignore them. Just relax.” And I really did try. But mostly failed.

Then we got home and had a couple of seriously busy weeks. The kind where you fall into bed at 9 each night and think, wait, how old am I again? Why am I going to bed at NINE O’CLOCK.

All that to say, I didn’t make a ton of progress. But I am about halfway through the book at this point and I think it’s wonderful and I’ll definitely finish it. Metaxes is a very winsome writer and while some biographies can be dry, this one is definitely not. It is, however, FULL of details about WWII so if you read it be prepared to lament how much you’ve forgotten about everything you learned in High School. I’m horrified at how little I recall. But I feel like I’m getting a history lesson and a biography rolled into one.

There’s a unique kind of encouragement for Christians that comes from reading the stories of the saints who have gone before. We’re reminded that across countries and cultures and all of history there is a tie that binds us that is stronger than anything on this earth: our faith in Jesus Christ. As I read Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s story I often get chills thinking, “Yes, this Christ whom he loved is MY Christ.” And I’m reminded that no matter what comes in this life, that Christ and His church will continue to move forward.

All that and I haven’t even finished it! So I’m going to continue with Bonhoeffer, but I think it’s safe to say that I totally recommend it.

I also just started to read Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table by Shauna Niequiest.


A friend recommended this to me after reading my mildly obsessive post about pizza. I’ve read a couple of chapters and oh man, this woman totally speaks my language. Here’s what she says in the introduction: “This is a collection of essays about family, friendships, and the meals that bring us together. It’s about the ways God teaches and nourishes us as we nourish the people around us, about hunger, both physical and otherwise, and the connections between the two.” Sounds awesome, right? I’m excited to read it.

I just finished reading through all of the gospels in my daily Bible reading but I’m going to read through John again in the coming week in preparation for Easter. I know that for me, in the midst of the craziness leading up to Easter (it’s one of Josh’s busier weeks), I can become distracted, anxious, tired. I want to guard my heart – with God’s Word – against letting earthly distractions keep me from remembering that this, THIS, is what my life is all about. That Christ came to earth, loved the sinners (me), died for sinners (me), and rose again, giving sinners (me)  completely new, forever-changed lives.

That’s all for this month! We’ll see if I can finish anything before May :).


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