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Tonight Four Oaks Worship releases their first full-length studio album. This is a result of the hard work and talent of many, MANY people, but at the heart of the project is Josh (and Jesus, of course). He wanted to make this happen, had the vision for it, wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album, had several meetings and brainstorming sessions, spent countless hours in the studio recording and editing, and is now, in spite of his unfortunate leg injury this week, in the thick of the last minute preparations for tonight’s concert and release.

Now I know you think I’m promoting this thing here on my blog because Josh happens to be my husband and I’m a little biased. But bear with me for a minute and let me tell you why I’m REALLY excited about this (although that first part is also a reason).

Christians have been singing the praises of their God since…well, since the beginning. We were made for it. We see the Israelites singing His praises throughout the Old Testament, from their jubilant exodus from captivity to the beautiful song of the grateful Hannah to the countless Psalms of David and others. In the New Testament, too, we see Mary’s song (the Magnificat), and we see the new church of Jesus, gathering to sing and pray and learn. Here too, we have not only the example of song but the command to sing (Colossians 3). Since that time it is one of the things that all churches who gather in the name of Jesus do when they meet.

Since we are a singing people, meant to praise God with our voices, it is important that we have songs in our hearts that proclaim the right things about God. Sadly it seems to me that some of what is written in the Christian music industry today (not all, but some), is lacking in Biblical content. The Word of God is where we learn the truth about God. His character, His plan, His Son, His Spirit, Him. Here in these 66 books we have an infinite resource of inspiration for our singing. The content is there for the taking. And when we learn songs teach the Word, we remember them. Even those who struggle to memorize can remember the lyrics of a song without trying. In this way music can write important truths on our hearts.

When Josh writes, it is his goal to write the truth of God on the hearts of His people. I, more than anyone, can attest to this. I see how he labors over his lyrics, making very sure that what is sung is true and right, worshipful and God-centered.

This is why I think you should come to the concert and buy this album (and other albums that teach the truths of scripture!). I think that lyrics like this are good for the soul and honoring to God: All the longings of my heart are satisfied in who Christ is/Fount of mercy, living water, He is mine and I am His!

Come on out tonight and join us as we sing praises to our God!


You can still purchase advance tickets/a copy of the album here:

Or simply show up!!

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