Advent: God’s Perfect Plan


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The Advent season is probably my favorite time of year. Aside from all of the tradition and holiday goodness that I enjoy, I treasure the weeks leading up to Christmas as I remember what it really means that God became flesh and dwelt among us as a helpless babe.

One of the things I especially enjoy during these weeks is the music. There are, of course, some really fun, silly songs. But there are some beautiful worship songs as well. And I find that listening to these songs often turns my heart toward the Savior in the midst of the busyness and distraction.

This year, because of my love for this season, and also because I kind of love writing, I’m going to do a little Advent post each day. Since Advent songs are my jam, I’ll share song lyrics I love and some thoughts about them.

It’s my own version of an Advent devotional…with a Christmas playlist as a nice little bonus!

Happy Advent season!

Day 1

From Who Would Have Dreamed by Sovereign Grace Music

He will carry our curse

And death he’ll reverse

So we can be daughters and sons

Who would have dreamed

Or ever foreseen

That we could hold God in our hands?

The Giver of life

Was born in the night

Revealing God’s glorious plan

To save the World

As the Advent season begins I find myself moved by songs such as this, reminded that there’s more to it all than sentimentality or tradition. It’s life-changing, soul-changing, world-changing. It’s the best news of all time.

And it’s not just a thing that randomly happened. It’s a plan “from time eternal,” to save lost souls.

To say “who would have dreamed,” is to refer to us, mere humans, who couldn’t imagine God incarnate come down to live and breathe among us. Because there was, of course, One who wasn’t surprised by these events at all. He dreamed it all along.

This is the One who saw a cursed people and determined to sacrifice his beloved Son to carry the curse rather than let them perish. He reversed the sting of death. And he made all who would believe his own children.

The thing about Christmas is that it all of the events in Bethlehem all those years ago didn’t happen in a vacuum. They were planned. With a purpose. For thousands of years – from the very beginning – history was moving toward this moment. And all that happened after points back to it.

The One who gave life from the beginning would give life anew. Life eternal, which could not be taken away. He promised deliverance, and he keeps his promises.

It’s good to celebrate the birth. This is when it all began to change. But it’s only meaningful when you remember all that came before and all that’s come since. Jesus met humanity’s greatest need, and He changed everything. He’s changing everything still.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” (John 1:1, 14)

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