Egg Decorating And Resurrection Rolls: Parenting At Its Finest


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You know that thing where people attempt things they’ve seen on Pinterest and fail miserably and hashtag “nail it” on Instagram? Well I had 2 such moments this weekend as I attempted to embrace Easter mom awesomeness.

I’ve got these two friends. We’ll call them Shmannon and Shmulia. And they are awesome. And lest you think I’m doing that thing where I play up another’s strengths but am secretly making fun of it, let me assure you, I genuinely mean they are awesome. From the birth of my first child I have gone to these 2 friends for much advice as I’ve attempted to figure out how one does this mom thing.

These friends are pretty different from one another, and from me, but one thing they have in common is that they are both super intentional with traditions and memory-making with their families. They do it in different ways, but both place a ton of value on making lasting and meaningful memories with their kids as they raise them into adulthood.

I want to be more like this and so I often watch what they do and attempt to emulate their memory making efforts. So this Easter weekend found me deciding to make Easter magical and meaningful for goodness sake, and these two lovely ladies provided my source material. Each year I have watched them do the following with their big families:

From one family, it’s the Easter egg decorating. With 5 kids ranging from 19 to 9, you’d think the egg decorating would have subsided, but no, it’s still a thing, and all their kids love it. And each year I think, gosh, we should do this. Look at how much fun those kids are still having. My kids need these memories!!

From the other family, it’s the Resurrection rolls. You know, those rolls you bake marshmallows into and they magically disappear when you bake them so that the insides of the rolls are empty, like the empty tomb.  And every year I think, surely this can’t be too hard…and it seems like fodder for such meaningful  conversations with one’s children about what the resurrection means and why it’s important. Let’s do this kids!

Every year I think it, but I don’t follow through. But this year, for some perplexing reason, I decided it was the year I would stop being lame and start doing fun things with my kids. These kids need some memories, gosh darn it, and I’m providing them. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE FUN.

There was also the fact that I’ve been a little grumpy with them lately and was possibly a bit motivated by guilt. Let’s replace the grumpy mommy memories with some fun mommy memories, guys.

Now let me just pause and remind everyone that because my husband is a pastor, I do a lot of solo parenting on Easter weekend, which I don’t mind, but it does maybe mean I shouldn’t try to tackle large “fun” activities by myself on Sunday morning at 9:30am. Just maybe.

But I wasn’t really thinking and so I forged ahead with this plan to do awesome fun things this year.

Hence last night’s egg decorating…adventure.  The eggs got decorated. And only one cracked. But at one point I growled “STOP TOUCHING THE CUPS OF EGG DYE PLEASE” in a scary voice and all kids looked at me with terror in their eyes. And I was still removing glitter from Titus’ hair this morning. And certain eggs turned out like this…

…Which is less than impressive. What is even happening here.

And then this morning, though I hadn’t yet done my hair and I knew I was pushing it on time, I decided we HAD to make these resurrection rolls. I won’t go into the grizzly details, but let’s just say one child was fake crying the entire time and I led my kids in a deep conversation about the empty tomb that ended with the question “Ok, but can I eat this marshmallow that’s covered in cinnamon sugar, please?”

Also, these are the ugliest rolls you’ve ever seen (And that cookie sheet is in rough shape. Yikes).

Guys. I seriously nailed it.

But, you know, the funny thing is that my kids, in spite of how messy I felt everything was, LOVED that we did these things. One even prayed that she was so glad we decorated eggs. They were thrilled to open the rolls (ugly though they were), and find that, indeed, the tomb was empty. And I know that next year as Easter approaches, they will be begging to do it all again.

And, to get a bit more serious for a minute, doing fun things with kids just is a lot of work, and the reason I avoid it isn’t because I’m “just not that type of mom,” although I’ll say that sometimes. Usually it’s just because I don’t want to make the effort it takes to pull it off.

But it’s during these memory making moments that the good stuff generally happens. There’s room for questions and chatting and building closeness. Even though it doesn’t always feel like it in the moment, these activities all strung together make for a childhood of family togetherness, something worth fighting for.

And particularly this weekend, with the celebration of the resurrection, these conversations we have, as chaotic as they feel, are really important. It’s vital that these kids not be only hearing these things in the church classroom. The home is where they find out how that theology mingles with every day messy life.

So even though I’m exhausted from all of these Easter shenanigans, I’m glad we made room for them, and I intend to do it all again next year. But maybe not an hour before we go to church.

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